A Message to Employers: How to Reduce Absenteeism Quickly and Effectively

The wellbeing of your staff is paramount so all your teams and the business itself can be more productive, regardless of its size. Your company should be ahead of the game and keen to help employees eliminate any unnecessary pain that stops them from performing their best.

A Rossiter System Coach can help them become pain-free. All that is needed is 30 minutes per person in a dedicated area where they could be seen, assessed and treated – all fully clothed.

A Rossiter System Workout can alleviate problems such as

  • Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Chronic pain – head to toe
  • Prevent avoidable surgeries
  • Boost performance
  • Mobility issues
  • Tension headaches
  • Sciatica
  • Knee or hip pain
  • Tight muscles
  • Injuries
  • Osteoarthritis

With better mobility and less or no pain, your staff will

  • Be happier and healthier
  • Be more focused and productive
  • Enjoy a better atmosphere at work
  • Work more efficiently

If you are a business in Cambridgeshire or Suffolk, and this sounds like something your employees can benefit from, I’d be happy to come in and give you a taster session. We can discuss  how I can help your staff and your business to make a difference.

Get in touch if you want to be a company that takes staff welfare to a new level.

Treating Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) successfully

I recently helped a client who was experiencing terrible headaches lasting for days as well as pins and needles in her left arm. Her husband had to drive her to my clinic; she was in agony when she came to see me. This lady is a line worker on 12 hour shifts with 4 days on, 4 days off. She regularly had to perform the same actions with her arms over and over again. Her neck movement was very restricted and this led to the discomfort in the arm and unpleasant headaches.

Her GP had checked for any heart issues and all seemed fine in that department. The GP prescribed Amitriptyline, but my client had not yet started taking the tablets. She was hoping for some natural pain relief with one of my rather unusual techniques.

After an initial consultation and a postural assessment, we decided to start working on the connective tissue of her arms with a technique called Rossiter System Workout. I see this time and time again – people with neck or shoulder problems carry a lot of tension in their forearms and they don’t even realise it!

Once we release the arm, the neck can move considerably better, and in this particular case, my client no longer had the headache after just two stretching exercises. We carried on releasing the upper arms, chest and neck.

She left feeling younger, straighter and with a lot more movement in her neck after just one session! She no longer had the symptoms in her head or arm and her smile beamed from ear-to-ear.

I see these symptoms frequently even if you only spend a couple of hours a day on the computer or driving longer hours. Personal assistants, hairdressers and dentists seem to find great relief in the Rossiter System Workouts too. Treating the relevant connective tissue will quickly deal with those nagging aches and pains that have been holding you back for weeks, months or even years!

What have you got to lose? If you suffer from any repetitive strain injury, why not try a Rossiter System Workout now? Book here or call me before 30 October 2015 and get £5 off your first assessment when you mention this article!

Press Release

Unique back pain therapist celebrates 10 years practice in Back Care Awareness Week

Elke Hausler, the only pain relief therapist in Suffolk offering Rossiter System workout sessions, is celebrating 10 years of being in practice during National Back Care Awareness Week (6-12 October) by donating to the Backcare Charity. Elke started pain relief and massage treatments in 2004 and now offers the fast pain relief Rossiter System Workout to clients in Bury St Edmunds, Newmarket and Cambridge.

Back Care Awareness Week, from 6 to 12 October 2014, is run by the Backcare charity, and this year the focus is on office workers. The campaign is to put the spot light on prevention of back and neck pain by spreading the word on ‘good posture’ and ‘stress free’ living for a healthy back. To show her support for the charities’ work Elke will donate £5 to Backcare for each new client.

Clients have highly praised Elke’s pain relief treatments. Liz Spillane said “Elke Hausler is amazing, I had a painful back for ages and in one session the pain was gone.” Another client, Ben Cijffers, commented “Last week I went to see Elke barely able to walk I was in so much pain. Two days later after our follow up session I could comfortably touch my toes – there’s no better recommendation in my book!”

Elke Hausler is a trained and certified Rossiter Coach who started using the system in 2011 as a powerful, effective and natural way to keep the body supple, functional and free from pain. She commented, “I love to provide quick and effective treatments and the Rossiter System Workout is the best and fastest way I have found to treat people, especially for back pain and joint problems. Many of my clients find their pain is greatly reduced after just one session.”

The Rossiter System Workout helps relieve and prevent lower back pain, sciatica, tight/sore shoulders, hip pain, arm, hand, wrist, foot and ankle pain, tennis/golfer’s elbow, headaches and more. It can help relieve pain and discomfort instantly and is based on stretching the connective tissue, the network of ligaments, muscles and tendons that holds the body together.

As well as donating £5 to Backcare, to celebrate 10 years in practice Elke is also providing special offers for all new clients in October and November. Online appointment booking is available at www.elkehausler.com or email info@elkehausler.com or call 07814 089272.

Elke added “Having spent 10 years helping clients I am delighted at the response to the Rossiter System Workout and I hope to be able to bring rapid pain relief to many more people in the area.”

Testimonial from Adrian R

After a string of niggling injuries, which had stopped me running, I visited Elke with the hope of participating in another half marathon. After a couple of sessions I got back into training, and recently completed the Norwich Half. I always find Elke to be friendly and very professional, and I will certainly be visiting her again.

Adrian R.

Rossiter System taster sessions – East of England Well-Being Show, 7th June

I booked a stall at the East of England Wellbeing Show to be held at Rowley Mile Racecourse in Newmarket this coming Saturday, 7th June 2014, 10am –  5pm! 

I will be available all day for 15min Rossiter System Workout taster sessions; come and see me at stall G2, ground floor. If you have structural (musculoskeletal) pain and have tried all sorts of treatments with little or no results, you need to give this a go!



New treatment for back pain: the Dorn Method explained

New treatment for back pain: the Dorn Method explainedMost of us experience some kind of back pain at some point in our lives.  Many even suffer from such chronic pain and miss days off work because of it. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to do something about that nagging pain yourself? The DORN Method empowers you to help yourself.  The method is named after its German founder, Dieter Dorn who developed the technique more than 30 years ago. It has been a popular treatment in German speaking countries for decades, but it has only recently come to England as well.

The technique is called method rather than therapy, as it is a gentle “fix in motion” method that can be controlled by the client. The client helps the practitioner by swinging a leg or the arms or moving the head depending on the area that is worked on. The movement “distracts” the muscles so they cannot resist the correction done by very gentle pressure of the thumb against the spine. It’s a gentle, effective and safe treatment, free of unpleasant side effects.

The DORN Method is based on the idea that one leg – even if it is only very slight – is longer than the other, this can misalign or twist the hip and that again may have a knock-on-effect on the spine to cause back discomfort. Therefore every treatment starts with a test for even leg lengths. If this fails, the ankle, knee and/or hip might be misaligned and will be treated first. Then the sacro-iliac area will be looked at and may need to be treated before moving on to the whole of the spine (lower, middle and upper back as well as the neck).

What sets this unique technique apart from others is that every step of the “therapy” can be shown to the client to do at home for self-help without assistance. This allows the person to stabilise if not even further improve the situation in between sessions and to manage the pain. Although a course of 3-6 treatments is recommended, a single treatment can often do a lot for the client. The DORN Method is particularly good for someone who suffers from back pain, neck pain, headaches or migraines, joint pain, sciatica or scoliosis.

Special Offer (until end of November 2011): £5 off your first treatment of any therapy provided by and booked with me when you mention this article.


Exercises to deal with back pain


Exercises to deal with back painThis revolutionary stretching technique was developed by and named after the American, Richard Rossiter, a couple of decades ago and only came to England about 3-4 years ago. It is a fast, safe and effective method to help people with back pain!

Since 2003, I have been very passionate about helping people with complementary therapies: and I feel that this is by far the quickest way I learnt to help people to literally step out of pain.


How do Rossiter System workouts work? All you need is a Rossiter System coach who will put one clean socked foot on a part of your body, depending on where your pain is. You work as a team; you, the person in pain, are in charge. The warmth of the foot,  a bit of weight that  is put on your limb and the movement that you will be instructed to do under the foot, will stretch the connective tissue – a network of ligaments, tendons and fascia that holds everything together – in a way that it has probably never been stretched before. The Rossiter System workout gives the body  the space it has lost over time either through injury, overuse, bad posture or a mixture of those.

What happens in a session?

Let’s imagine that we are dealing with a client who suffers from back pain. The client gets to lie on a yoga mat on the floor, face up. The Rossiter System coach will put one foot on the side of the client’s leg. This may sound strange as we are addressing back pain but it works. If it’s an acute problem in the back, we will do the exercise on the leg of the same side, if it’s a chronic problem, we will do the exercise on the opposite side. The coach will put as much weight on the leg as the client can take at this point. The client needs to move the limb under the foot as well as the opposite leg according to the coach’s instructions. After 3 repetitions, the client may get up and walk around the room for a bit. After a few “laps” the client stands still and checks out the back, i.e. s/he does a few movements that were painful or restricted to do before this exercise. What happened? Is the movement easier? is there more range of movement? how is the pain? Then the client goes back on the yoga mat for the next challenge. We do 3 different exercises on the same leg and then the client decides which of these 3 exercises s/he felt benefited the most in terms of his/her back. That would be the one that we are going to do on the other leg to balance things out.

Let’s face it, people don’t necessarily like these exercises – as they will be somewhat uncomfortable to do – but people love the results! People don’t mind going through that bit of discomfort to finally be out of pain/discomfort in everyday life!

I often see people with rounded shoulders – due to too much work on the computer, too much driving etc – tennis or golfer’s elbow, knee pain, sciatica, frozen shoulders etc. They usually feel the benefits and changes from this workout almost instantly. The improvement is also quite visible for those with rounded shoulders. You can see the shoulders drop down and move back in just one session! We do one arm first, have a look in the mirror and then do the other. It’s usually noticeably improved.

This workout may well save you time, energy and money in the long run!

Please don’t hesitate to give me a call on 07814089272 for more information or to book a treatment.