Physical Pain

Do you suffer from backache, joint pain, muscle aches, stiffness, limited mobility or limited flexibility?

Do you suffer from injuries such as a sports injury, whiplash, or repetitive strain injury (RSI)?

Do you hunch over your computer for long hours every day or drive long distances? Do you slouch on the couch?

Would you like to

  • be free of pain?
  • get your mobility back?
  • be less tense?
  • feel more flexible?
  • feel more relaxed?
  • enhance your performance?
  • get fit again?
  • keep fit?

If the answer is yes, then one of the following techniques may help you.

Rossiter Workout

rossister workoutA workout where you are part of your own recovery. Treatment is based mainly on stretching and relieves pain quickly and effectively. Read more

rossister workout


Dorn Method

dorn methodSay ‘goodbye’ to back pain. This gentle technique helps to realign the spine or joints and deals with pain. Read more

Sports Massage

sport massageDeep tissue massage to relax and release tight and aching muscles, helping you to recover more quickly from sports events, injuries whether sports-related or not, enhance performance, iron out muscle imbalances; essentially helping you do what you want to do in comfort. Read more