Rossiter System

Do you suffer from

  • Pain?
  • Stiffness?
  • Bad posture?
  • Lack of mobility/range of motion?
  • Repetitive Strain Injury?
  • Sports Injury?

Do you want to “say goodbye” to pain, restore normal range of motion and feel supple again? Do you want to enhance your sports performance, posture, improve your joint mobility and range of motion?

If you are looking for a powerful, effective and natural way to keep your body supple, functional and free from pain, you need to try a session of Rossiter System Workout!

The Rossiter System (named after Richard Rossiter) can help relieve pain and discomfort instantly. It is based on stretching the connective tissue, a head to toe network of ligaments, muscles, tendons and fascia that holds everything together.

Rossiter System

Rossiter System workouts are aimed at the body’s connective tissue that may tighten and shorten due to age, overuse, injury or bad posture or a combination of these. To be able to move freely and without pain, tightness or stiffness, we need to give the body back the space it craves. A 15-20 minute Rossiter stretching session may get rid of pain or tightness anywhere in the body. After only one session you will know if this is what your body so desperately needs.

This technique involves two people – you and a trained and certified Rossiter practitioner or coach. You work as a team. With these innovative stretches you can

  • regain your range of movement or flexibility
  • enhance your performance so you achieve your fitness goals more quickly
  • prevent and relieve
    • tight/sore shoulders
    • lower back pain and sciatica
    • hip pain
    • hand, wrist, foot and ankle pain
    • heel spurs and gout
    • plantar fasciitis
    • carpal tunnel
    • arm/wrist pain
    • tennis/golfer’s elbow
    • headaches

What happens in a treatment?

Rossiter SystemAfter an initial consultation we establish which area needs to be worked on. During the actual Rossiter workout, I will put my foot and some weight on an area of your body. For a lower back issue this could be the side of the leg. I will check several spots to find the most uncomfortable one. This is where we start to work. Several other parts of the body will get engaged in this workout by stretching away from the leg that’s involved. We hold this stretch for 10 seconds, repeat the exercise on the next sensitive spots along the same area twice before I ask you to walk around and feel what has happened. What do you feel now? Is there any change? Compare with the other side. From there we will move on to the next level of stretching. After performing a few stretches together, most people feel instant relief from pain and tightness. They also experience improved flexibility and range of movement at the end of a session.

This workout is quick, precise, powerful and effective. Deep, long-standing issues may require a few sessions before you feel complete relief, but most people report some kind of improvement instantly. I have seen people who were not able to bend their knees for years walk out of my treatment room being able to bend them halfway after just one session.

History of the Rossiter System

Richard Rossiter, a former US helicopter pilot suffered from severe shoulder pain for more than 10 years after being shot down in Vietnam. Rossiter became a certified, advanced Rolfer (connective tissue specialist) before he used his expertise to develop these workouts, which focus on stretching the connective tissue. His aim is to help as many people as possible relieve pain and return to mobility and agility or flexibility; so you can go back to your activities, hobbies or work free of pain as soon as possible.